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For those of you that your hobby is downloading or uploading must already know the usefulness of the software HJSplit. we need to use HJSplit for a free file hosting services usually limit the capacity size of files that may be uploaded to their servers.

But with HJSplit software allows us to split the files we will upload a few files that magnitude can we adjust the capacity limit which files should be uploaded on our hosting server.

HJSplit is used to split or merge files that can be easily transferred. Files that can be combined using HJSplit can have many extensions.

The process is easy we just choose which files you want us to split into several smaller parts and specify the output file size you want.

The software also incorporates functions for files that have been broken several parts, benefits of this software is free and portable so it can be taken anywhere.

How to Download HJSplit

1. click this link >> Download HJSplit <<
2. scroll your mouse to bottom of page, you will found the text "The following plattforms are supported"
3. choose one of them, for example you choose Windows
4. then scroll down your mouse again until you found the download link (for example
5. you should successfully download that software, enjoy it :)


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