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this page is to accommodate you, my blogger friends, to exchange link with me.

  • why we have to exchange link?

because it is very usefull to make a good friendship between us

  • how about the procedure

  • firstly i want to say 'im sorry very much' to all my friend who want to exchange link with me, but their links are not placed at my blog until now, it is all because my condition that are not always watching my blog every time, and i know i has a shoutmix, but as we know the message that leave at shoutmix will be change very fast, so this page is a better solution to make a good friendship between us, i wish you want to make a good friendship with me :)

the procedure is really simple, you just need to:
1.add my link at your nice blog site

2.leave comment at comment form that explain you are has been add my link at your nice blog site

3.when i am online, i will add your link to my blog as soon as possible

4.we just make a good friendship and i will notify you if your link has been added

  • where your link will placed?

your link will placed below my shoutmix (Special link)

Many thanks, my friend. :)

Free lova

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Muhammad Jauhar fathoni said...

I want to request the best and the fastest rapidshare downloader for free users!Thank's..

free lova said...

i had been leave your request answer to your shoutmix, please read it

herusutomo said...

yee..I think good ideas for link exchange

Karen said...

I have already added you under Other Bloggers on my blogspot site...Have a Nice Day!

SEO said...

I leave my adventures trace here, friend

Dorothy L said...

Forgiveness is freedom of the mind...why not try it :)

*josie* said...

I will add your site to my to blogsite for x-linkl
have a good day!

*josie* said...

just added you to my blogroll both on my sites

hope you can do the same, I will visit you again thanks!

itsvenkatesh said...

hey nice blog..lets exchange links

POIS said...

Blog Walking. . :) buddy smile back :)

Humor blog said...

care to exchange link?

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