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  • title: Glary Utilities

  • categories: software:utilities

  • description: " The feature of Glary Utilities:

    1. Repair and cleaning

    a. Disk Cleaner: Clean fie Events do not have files on each disk in Windows.
    b. Registry Cleaner: Clean the ruins of the old log to remove the program.
    c. Shortcut Fixer: Repair the damaged kombenasie or table or star Bariloche.
    d. Remove Manager: Same as the addition, removal of Windows, uninstall the software you want to delete.

    2. Optimization and improvement

    Manager Launch: Managing to boot to Windows.
    Memory Optimizer: Windows memory management.
    Context Menu Manager: Management spyskaarte, files dopgehou.
    Registry Defrag: frag on the basis of your Windows registry is designed to run your computer faster.

    3. Privacy and Security

    a. Track Eraser: Delete Browsing History, recently, in windows, garbage, etc..
    b. Sharedder File: Delete files permanently.
    c. Restore File: displays the files are deleted from the Recycle Bin, so this feature via the file can be restored, although excluded from the recycle Bin.
    d. File Encrypter and Decrypter: Create a password to a file, the answer was a very secret files of any type of files through Glary Utilities is the creation of the file will be forgotten, a very cool feature.

    4. Archives and learn

    Disk Analysis a.: menganalisi files on your ability to drive already terpakain and unused.
    b. Duplicate File file: Find files duplikan (release) on your computer.
    And empty folder Finder: Delete a file or folder quickly.
    c. File Splitter and Joiner: function is to break large files into smaller files.

    5. System:

    a. Process Manager: Managing and operating procedures to stop a file system of Windows.
    b. Internet Explorer Assistant: Manager of Internet Explorer us.
    c. Standard Windows Tool: Items such as congenital Windows Defrag, System Restore, System File Checker, etc., this feature allows a single click and you have the right to work.


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