Power Data Recovery Pro 4.11 Portable version

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  • title: Power Data Recovery Pro 4.11 Portable version

  • type: software

  • size: about 5.5MB

  • operating system: xp, vista

  • categories: software:utilities

  • rating:

  • description: "files or data is, not only important but also usefull for us, we need to save files to the storage devices to use it later, we have to save the important files and keep it from corruption, but how if sometime the we can not found the important files, in this situation we need the data recovery that can help us recover the missing data, to do it, you can use, Power Data Recovery Pro 4.11 Portable version, one of the benefit using this software is this software is portable, so we can bring it anywhere, and use it if necessarry,

    the Features of Power Data Recovery Pro 4.11 Portable version are:

    * Recover data after accidental deletion
    * Recover data after an accidental format
    * Recover data from an inaccessible volume (logical drive)
    * Recover data after FAT corruption
    * Recover data after repartition (fdisk)
    * Recover data from a crashed physical device
    * Recover data after an MBR corruption
    * Recover data from a hard disk drive, camera card, USB drive, Zip, floppy disk
    * Recover data for any error except physical damage
    Key Features:
    * Supports FAT 12/16/32
    * Supports NTFS
    * Supports NTFS compressed and encrypted files
    * Supports Dynamic Volume including Simple Volume, Spanned Volume, Stripe Volume, Mirror Volume and Raid Volume.
    * Supports RAW data recovery
    * Built-in preview function
    * Built-in resume recovery function
    * Built-in Recovery Wizard

  • download link: download here

  • mirror link: download from mirror

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