PC MAV 2.0a


  • title: PC MAV 2.0a
  • type: software
  • size: 2641 KB
  • operating system:xp, vista, windows 7
  • catagories: software:antivirus
  • rating:
  • description: "this is a wonderfull antivirus from indonesia, PC mav has a powerfull force to clean up the virus and malware which spread at indonesia, but if you integrate it with clamav database, you can search, found, and clean malware variant around the world, PC MAV 2.0a edition has a special ability to clean malware such as autoit varian, blank edition, conficker a,conficker b, conficker b-1, Hackevil.vbs,luzhizer, recycler varian, risa, seventeen, etc"
  • download link: download here
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