PC MAV 2.0 release

  • title: PCMAV valkyrie 2.0 release
  • download name : freelova.blogspot.com.rar
  • size : 2716 kb
  • catagories : antivirus
  • download : download PCMAV 2.0 here

  1. Improved! Implementation of new modules for memory management operations and file searches faster and stable.
  2. NEW! IntelligentScan (iScan) for ClamAV engine to improve acceleration ClamAV detection engine when in use. able to improve the performance PCMAV + ClamAV scan up to 40% faster.
  3. NEW! Realtime Protector (RTP) for Vista and Windows 7.
  4. NEW! Virus Quarantine
  5. NEW! Submit virus that is integrated in the Virus Quarantine.
  6. NEW! Updates Media Manager PC to update automatically online, for both the virus database file PCMAV (update.vdb) and ClamAV (main.cvd & daily.cvd).
  7. Improved! Integration early PCMAV Cleaner & RTP. PCMAV Cleaner initial process is now faster because they do not check the memory again and the system start-up when Windows is active RTP. To save and use more memory, now PCMAV Cleaner & RTP is able to use shared memory for the virus database.
  8. Improved! Features scan through right-click on the Explorer (/ REGSHELL).
  9. NEW! Fresh Look-a new look with a more simple, intelligent, informative, and of course fun. BuG * Fixed! Error detection (false alarm) heuristik on some programs and scripts.
  10. Improved! Main virus database (pcmav.vdb) is now excluded from the main module
  11. and update the database with a file virus (update.vdb) placed
  12. in the folder "\ vdb"
  13. Improved! Engine and additional ClamAV CVD (0.9x) must now be placed in the folder "\ plugins \ ClamAV"
  14. Improved! Added a database and virus cleaning 54 local / foreign / new variants have been spread in Indonesia.
  15. Improved! Several name changes the virus has found a new variant.
  16. Improved! Repair some minor bug and there is improvisation code to ensure that internal PCMAV can still be anti-virus pride of Indonesia.

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