pcMAV valykrie 2.0 beta

pcmav 2.0

PCmav is the local anti virus from indonesia
PCmav become a rising star when the local virus spread very fast and become danger while common anti virus in this world cant handle it,
PCmav is more powerfull than other antivirus when face and destroy local virus, and now, with a combination with clamav engine and database, PC mav become stronger and become a countable competitor with other antivirus which common and famous.
this is the second version of PCmav which name pcMAV valykrie 2.0,
and the pcMAV valykrie 2.0 features is :

  • IScan for ClamAV
  • The form of additional engine IntelligenceScan to improve detection acceleration on the ClamAV engine. With iScan, now the performance of ClamAV can scan more quickly to 35%.
  • RTP for Windows Vista & 7
  • RTP has been able to run smoothly and stable on Windows Vista. Specifically for the Windows 7, even if it is running smoothly, RTP is still experimental because the Windows 7 Beta are still alone.
  • Cleaner module Integration & RTP
  • Cleaner is now no longer check the memory / Windows start-up when the RTP has been active. The use of memory for the database with the virus.
  • Database primary virus (pcmav.vdb) is now excluded from the main module. And update the database with a file virus (update.vdb) placed in the folder \ vdb \
  • Optimizing memory usage and search the files faster and stable.
  • Completion of a new look more fresh and fun.
  • Repair some bugs that are found in the Alpha1 and Alpha2, especially in the feature
  • Update Manager, Virus and Virus Quarantine Submit.
so, you wanna try and feel the power of PCmav?

please download it by click one of the link below



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