flashdisk to ram

have you ever feel your personal computer running so slowly
when you check task manager
you see that your memory is running low??

what must you do??

buy RAM card??

buy a new computer??

hmm, i know doing that is one of the solution,

but, how about your finance, moreover in this world which have a globall finance crisiss situation,

so i suggest you to download ebooster

so you can boost your system speed only using flashdisk

download software ebooster TRIAL version(TRIAL)

download software ebooster FULL version here(full version)

how to use it ??

it is easy, just follow the step by step that i write here :

1. download software ebooster (not readyboost)
click here to download(trial version)
download software ebooster FULL version here(full version)

2. after that istall ebooster to your PC and reboot your PC

3. after reboot PC, klik OK at "Update Your License" dialog box

4. plug your flashdisk to your PC

after click OK at "Update Your License" dialog box so the "Add Cache Device" dialog box will appear

5.select location where your disk (flashdisk) is, ex : (G:) or (F:)

6.your Flashdisk is sucessfully upgrade to RAM that can boost your system speed

and if you want to see the procedure "how to use it" in indonesian language

please click here (indonesian language)

if this file request password
type this password :

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Dorathy said...

Hi..This is where i got the template from.. http://deluxetemplates.blogspot.com/ and I'm happy to share it with u.

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